Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy

The Nri Post fully believes in accuracy and transparency. Hence, the company ensures to correct all the mistakes promptly. The journalism world thrives on fresh and full information. These are two inescapable values in the digital world. Nri Post also believes that giving accurate facts is an essential ingredient and corrections should be made when needed. 

Nri Post is fully dedicated to inform the readers when a mistake has been made (no matter how big or small). Providing accurate information as soon as the mistake has been pointed out is the company’s primary responsibility. 

If an error is detected within a content, Nri Post will work on it to find accurate information and shall display the correction in case needed. The corrections include: 

  1. Accurate information
  2. Stating that the originally published work was incorrect 
  3. The time and date when the changes were made. 
  4. Reporting error is possible via the email address/contact form. 

If errors cannot be changed/amended with the content, the corrections will be displayed in the last paragraph of the content. 

Instead of removing the content completely, we will provide admittance and clarification about our mistakes. This is to preserve the transparency belief. 

Feel free to reach out to us with your grievances. We will ensure that all the errors are corrected and our endeavor is to be as transparent as we can.