Fact Checking Policy

Fact Checking Policy

The Assignment Media Staff at Nri Post are fully committed to promote brilliance in fact checking. 

Nri Post believes in transparent and accurate fact checking. It is a key ingredient for accountability in journalism. Biased and unsourced fact checking leads to distrust in media and circulation of fake news. 

Nri Post publishes the code of principles which reports on the correctness of statements by major institutions, public figures, and other claims circulated regarding the interest to the society. 

  1. Commitment to Fairness and Nonpartisanship 

A similar standard of fact checking is used by Nri Post Fact-check. The company does not rely on biasness during the fact-checking process. The same fact-check process is followed and the conclusions are dictated by evidences. Nri Post does not indulge in advocacy or take policy position when it is about fact-checking. 

  1. Commitment to transparency of given sources 

Sources are vital in news content. Nri Post wants the readers to verify the findings themselves. All the sources are provided for the readers to go ahead and replicate the work. There may be few cases where the source’s identity could be compromised but Nri Post will provide as much detail. 

  1. Commitment to transparency of used methodology 

Nri Post elucidates the methodology used to research, edit, write, publish, select, and correct the fact-checks. The readers can point out errors if needed via the contact form/email address. Nri Post is transparent about the fact-check procedure too. 

  1. Commitment to honest and open corrections 

Nri Post ensures to publish the correction policy and observes it meticulously. Nri Post abides by the correction policy and corrects the errors as transparently and clearly. The readers are able to see the corrected version. 

  1. Commitment to transparency of organization & funding 

Nri Post ensures transparency with reference the funding sources. If Nri Post is accepting funds from any organization, they ensure that there is no influence of funders over the conclusions of the reports and articles. Nri Post also indicates how readers can communicate with the company. 

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